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Aus Home Supplies began to assist individuals in achieving and maintaining optimal well-being. We fulfill this purpose by offering Australians a selection of premium products tailored to meet their daily needs. With Aus Home Supplies, individuals can trust in our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions that enable them to thrive and prioritize their overall health and wellness.

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KneeReliefâ„¢ Heat Patches

Recognizing the significance of maintaining an active and pain-free lifestyle, we've developed these groundbreaking patches designed to deliver the warmth and relief your knees deserve. Kneerelief is your solution for comforting relief, simple application, and effective pain management.


SilicoProâ„¢ Compression Sleeve

Introducing the SilicoProâ„¢ Compression Sleeve, designed to optimize your performance and recovery. Engineered with advanced silicone technology, it provides targeted compression to support muscles and joints during activities. Whether you're an athlete or recovering from injury, the SilicoProâ„¢ Compression Sleeve offers comfort and stability. Experience enhanced mobility and relief with every wear.


Breathe Knee Compression Sleeve

Introducing the Weave 'n' Breathe Knee Compression Sleeve, your ultimate companion for active lifestyles and recovery. Engineered with breathable fabric and a unique weaving pattern, it offers optimal compression and support for your knee joint. Whether you're running, playing sports, or simply going about your day, the sleeve provides comfort while promoting circulation and reducing swelling.


Portable Car Head Unit with FREE Rear View Camera!

Portable Car Head Unit


Aus Home SecureTouchâ„¢

Introducing Aus Home SecureTouchâ„¢, your trusted partner in home security. Designed with cutting-edge technology and reliability, SecureTouchâ„¢ offers comprehensive protection for your peace of mind. From advanced surveillance to seamless integration with smart home devices, ensure your family and property are safe at all times. Discover a new level of security with Aus Home SecureTouchâ„¢

Aus Home SecureTouchâ„¢ transformed my home security with its advanced technology and ease of use!


The SilicoProâ„¢ Compression Sleeve offers fantastic support and comfort during workouts, highly recommend!


This Portable Car Head Unit has transformed my daily commute with its amazing features and ease of use!